There will be DIDLing….

Well, that was the best show I’ve seen in awhile. Dawes at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa. March 21, 2017. David Letterman got it right: “if you’re looking for a rock-n-roll band, this is pretty much all you need…”

Tight band, with a fellow who is Duane Allan’s namesake and Dicky Betts’ son sharing lead guitar duties with a damned good picker: Taylor Goldsmith, the front man who brought it every second.
Lyrics that make you think or smile or think. Or whatever.
Just under 3 hour show, with a short break.
Left wanting more.
And oh yeah: The ticket was 20 bucks…and worth several times that!! Holy shit. What a deal!!

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“We’re all gonna die….”

On Saturday, March 18, 2017 I spent a few hours at the viewing for my late Uncle Joe, dead too soon at only 77. He survived the “widow maker heart attack” (which has a 90% kill rate) for about 30 years. It took three decades for a complete closure of the left anterior descending coronary artery to kill him. Still not long enough…

To attend the viewing, I did an “over-and-back” to the county where my Mom’s family has lived almost their entire lives. If it wasn’t for the military in the case of her three brothers, she would’ve been the only member of her immediate family to ever receive mail someplace other than St. Francois county, MO.

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Ultimate Bucket list…the book and the e-mails


March 13, 2017.
Weather sucks. In the mid-thirties for the high temp.. My “early garden” is probably toast. Fuck me.
But it will all be good. Nothing ventured…and all that. 5 bucks of seeds and i’m back in business.
I’m gonna go cover my garden as soon as I post this. I repeat: Fuck Me!

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TBT redefined….

The acronym usually means Throwback Thursday, but it might also be short for truth be told, today’s big thing or turn back time….

On 3/9/17 it had a different meaning for me: “Ticket Buying Thursday.”

I’ve never been much on making resolutions, but last weekend I decided that 2017 should be the year of LOTS of live music. I already had tickets for 5 more 2017 concerts, but that was not enough to be truly committed, so on my March 9th TBT I added 4 more shows in 4 different cities to this year’s calendar.

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Separation Anniversary Weekend

If you’re a strict constructionist, the anniversary should be celebrated on March 6 each year. That’s the date from the calendar back in 2011.

I’ve chosen to celebrate the annual event on the first Sunday of March, i.e. a day rather a date.

And after this past weekend, which was one great roadtrip, I think I’ve decided that the first weekend of March should be designated “Separation Anniversary Weekend.”

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