There will be DIDLing….

Well, that was the best show I’ve seen in awhile. Dawes at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa. March 21, 2017. David Letterman got it right: “if you’re looking for a rock-n-roll band, this is pretty much all you need…”

Tight band, with a fellow who is Duane Allan’s namesake and Dicky Betts’ son sharing lead guitar duties with a damned good picker: Taylor Goldsmith, the front man who brought it every second.
Lyrics that make you think or smile or think. Or whatever.
Just under 3 hour show, with a short break.
Left wanting more.
And oh yeah: The ticket was 20 bucks…and worth several times that!! Holy shit. What a deal!!

I’ve already seen 3 great bands in 3 great venues in 2017. Drive-by Truckers at the Pageant in St. Louis, Tedeschi Trucks Band at The Ryman Auditorium, and now Dawes. Damned I’m lucky…..

On the 185 miles of my drive to Tulsa, the only time the car’s stereo wasn’t cranked up was during my daily phone call to my Dad. There was some Kings of Leon and some Flaming Lips (Okie bands) on the way west. On the way back home it was Dawes, and Dawes only, for 3 hours+.
With the experience of the show in my head and the rental car’s stereo keeping me company, I made a decision.

I decided that after each show I need to write down my “Desert Island Discs List” (DIDL) from the show.
Sometimes it might just be an outline.
Some might ramble on…
Some will be posted here, in this space.
Some might be on FB.
Some will be for my eyes only.
But they will all be.
(Note: I already have tickets to 9 more shows between now and August 1….and I’m shopping for more shows. There will be lots of DIDLing.)

There will be rules.

There can be no more than eight (8) songs on a DIDL. (The BBC has been doing this since 1942…and 8 is their magic number.)
There can be no more than 1 from any album.
The song must have been played at the show.
The number of lines of lyrics from any one song cannot exceed the number of albums released.
For artists will less than 3 releases, the DIDL can include up to 3 songs.

Being me…a notorious hooligan…I will sometimes break my rules…

DIDL Number 2017-1

Date: March 21, 2017
Band: Dawes
Venue: Cains Ballroom, Tulsa, OK

Album: North Hills
Released: 2009
Song: When my time comes
Lyrics: “ And if heaven was all that was promised to me, Why don’t I pray for death?”

Album: Nothing is wrong.
Released: 2011
Song: A little bit of Everything
Lyrics: “I want a little bit of everything,
The biscuits and the beans,
Whatever helps me to forget about the things that brought me to my knees,
So pile on those mashed potatoes and an extra chicken wing,
I’m having a little bit of everything.”

Album: Stories don’t end.
Released: 2013
Song: Most People
Lyrics: “And she thinks ‘Most people don’t talk enough about how lucky they are
Most people don’t know what it takes for me to get through the day
Most people don’t talk enough about the love in their hearts’
But she doesn’t know most people feel that same way”

Album: All your favorite bands.
Released: 2015
Song: Things Happen
Lyrics: “Let’s make a list of all the things the world has put you through
Let’s raise a glass to all the people you’re not speaking to
I don’t know what else that you wanted me to say to you
Things happen
That’s all they ever do…”

Album: We’re all gonna die
Released: 2016.
Song: Quitter.
Lyrics: “…Quit taking the jobs that rob you of your powers so you can buy more shit you don’t have time to use…
…Quit wasting my time, because pretty soon you’ll find, it’s the only thing of value that we own
You’re gonna have to quit everything until you find one thing you want…”

There you have it. My first Desert Island Disk List. Not my last.

If the DIDL had to be 8, I’d have added Somewhere along the way, Picture of a man, and Roll with the Punches. Or maybe From a Window Seat, Less than Five Miles Away, and We’re all gonna die.

I think I just broke one of my rules. What a shock.

I’m shocked thinking about what I got for 20 bucks.

Be. Just Be.

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