“Write drunk, edit sober”

Apparently Hemingway neither said the above phrase that has been attributed to him, nor did he live it…in spite of his heavy drinking.

While I probably had an adult beverage or three before I fired off the following as an e-mail at 11:55 pm on 6/7/15, I wasn’t drunk when I wrote it. And in re-reading it, apparently I didn’t edit it either. While the e-mail begins with a caveat, it didn’t warn the receipients of the lack of any editing by me.

I did get the subject line right though.

From: Steve Weiss <slw_913@yahoo.com>
Sent: Sunday, June 7, 2015 11:55 PM
Subject: what are you waiting for?

Caveat: some recipients will wonder “why did I get this?” especially those who I communicate with “almost never.” (my bad.) or maybe it will be those at the other end of the communication continuum who will wonder “why me?”

why? just because…

Yesterday was the 11th annual Rock House summer festival in Reeds Spring. This is the 4th one that I have attended…all of them since I moved back to missouri in 2011.

Today is the anniversary of John Crudele losing his long battle with cancer. those 2 days back-to-back last year really had me thinking. same thing again today….thinking about what really is important.

It’s hard to express how important that place in a little town, that event and that man have been to me.

Many reading this have probably never heard of The Rock House, it’s town, or my late friend, coach and mentor. but everyone reading this will have places, events and people who have great meaning to them.
the amount of new music that I have listened to since my first visit to a house concert would take awhile to tabulate. if you like music, find a house concert in your area. go to the next one. or perhaps it’s a concert in the park. whatever the event, you’ll most likely be glad you attended.

check out new music online. I assure you that music is better for you than almost anything you will see on tv. (full disclosure: I do watch tv…selectively. but, come on…”reality tv?” really?)

my life has opened up a lot since that first house concert. at the third one, I heard the front men from a group that is now one of my favorite bands. their music has changed me in a good way.
john was one of the handful of people who were there for me during rough spots. I know that he knew how important he was to me. we got below the surface. at other times the conversations were raucous, bouncing from topic. I miss those talks and I miss him.

I can never talk to JMC again, or hear his voice. I didn’t see him as often as I would’ve liked because of distance. While I do hear his voice in my head often, I will never actually hear it again. The last few times we saw each other were in Oregon, including a tailgate before and after an OSU game with Wisconsin. The “after” was by far the best.
if you like music: listen to more of it. give something new and different a listen. and if you can see it live, do it. (“keep the music live” as Jeanette always says.) it’s amazing how much musical talent there is. (I have none. dammit. except with my ears.)

maybe it’s not music for you, but instead it’s fishing or knitting, tennis or photography. whatever it is, do more of it.

whether it’s a confidant like john, or a long time friend, or even a new acquaintance: find time for them now. make time for yourself. but don’t think doing either of those “tomorrow” is the right answer.

what are you waiting for? enjoy every moment as much as you can, in whatever way is the most enjoyable. for me that includes music and communicating with others in some way.

that’s my spew…a lot longer than I anticipated. especially since I have music to listen to, phone calls to make, walks to take, and someone to hug.

so do you.

take care. keep in touch with people who matter to you. be.


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